Groupe Nduom still at Foundation Stage despite successes – Nduom

The President of Groupe Nduom, Dr Papa Kwesi Nduom says although the Groupe has made some significant gains, he still believes “we are at the foundation stage.” His assertion is premised on the fact that the Groupe has not as yet reached its targeted destination.

Dr. Nduom was addressing the half-year management meeting of Groupe Nduom at the Nduom School of Business & Technology (NBS&T) at Ayensudu, near Elmina in the Central Region.

The meeting is being attended by over 100 management members of Groupe Nduom drawn from sectors like Banking, Investment Banking, Manufacturing, Hospitality & Sports, Media, Printing, and Logistics. The rest are Insurance, Education, Health, Energy & Power, Technology Electronics and others.

According to Dr Nduom, Groupe Nduom was still strengthening it foundation to ensure that the Groupe becomes the best and can stand the test of time. The best destination, Dr Nduom said will mean the Groupe has the best human resource base, show competence in all areas of operations, good customer relations, and work with a sense of urgency and discipline. In the estimation of Dr Nduom, the best Groupe Nduom module comes with it the protection of company properties, dealing ruthlessly with fraud and stealing and showing unalloyed loyalty to the Groupe.

In the case of fraud and stealing, Dr Nduom disclosed that ‘’some of our former employees are in jail for stealing while others are struggling to pay monies that they had stolen together with their collaborators.” In the opinion of Dr Nduom, it is only when all these factors are consolidated that the Groupe can say it has built a strong and vibrant entity that can stand the test of time. He commended Gold Coast, a subsidiary of Groupe Nduom for not losing even a pesewa of the over One billion Ghana Cedis that it has raised over the period. It is one big achievement that Dr Nduom believes was largely due to the diligence of management team of Gold Coast. In the case of GN Bank, Dr Nduom was happy that the bank was about to hit the 300 branches mark before the end of the year. He urged Coconut Grove Hotels, a subsidiary of Groupe Nduom to live it business tag of being a facility that offers ‘’Memories worth Repeating’’ and not to only bask in the glory of having one of the best physical structures. He announced that after its latest addition at Sakumono in Accra, Coconut Grove Hotel will have another branch in Kumasi that will be up and operating very soon and two others in Wa and Tamale in the Upper West and Northern Regions. Interestingly, materials used to construct most of the Groupe subsidiaries were provided by EPPL, a member company of Groupe Nduom and Dr Nduom disclosed that same materials are being used to construct Groupe model houses for staff and other commercial purposes.

He also disclosed that the Groupe now has a liaison offices in the US and the United Kingdom where customers and particularly prospective ones will be briefed on how to do business with Groupe Nduom back home in Ghana, adding that the Groupe hopes to strengthen its brands in French speaking West Africa countries like La Cote d’Ivoire, Burkina Faso and Togo. Dr Nduom told the meeting that the Nduom School of Business & Technology will start admission this year where undergraduates will have the opportunity of having practical on the job experience with some of the Groupe Nduom companies.

He further disclosed that the Bank of Ghana has approved GN Mobile Money, one of the new products of Groupe Nduom and announced that the Groupe has launched what he calls ‘’The Rice Revolution’’, where Groupe Nduom hopes to produce the best rice that can compete with any other rice product in the world, adding that apart from Worawora and Assin Bereku, the Groupe will open Rice Mills in Karaga in Northern Ghana, the Brong Ahafo and Eastern Regions. The session ends on Sunday, July 2nd, 2017.

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